Beck's Story





So I'm 29 years old! I'm a Mum to a beautiful 4 year old boy (you can see his little face in the corner of my selfie. I'm 5ft 8 and I'm engaged and due to marry October 2021 (that's covid)! I have an obsession with coffee and I work full time.

As you may have noticed I have a bag attached to my stomach. This particular bag of mine is called an ileostomy which is where the small bowel (small intestine) is diverted through an opening in my tummy. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 19 which is inflammation of the lower end of your digestive system, including your large bowel and rectum. So basically I went to toilet around 20+ times a day, bled lots and lost a lot of weight. I was 20 when I had my bag fitted! 

I was also told that if I didn't have the surgery it's very likely I'd deteriorate and die. So I chose the bag life and I've never looked back. Some people see it as a negative however, I think when you're so poorly it's comes as a relief. Well it did for me personally. I also was told the likliehood of being able to conceive naturally was very minimal and I had to prepare myself but I've been extremely lucky and I fell pregnant (eventually).

Whilst I was pregnant I developed a condition called pyoderma gangrenosum which is a skin condition. So 4 years later it was agreed that after numerous attempts to control it I would make me bag permanent. So the rectum is removed, my bottom is sewn up and my bag is moved from my left to right side. Which eventually allowed the pyoderma to heal. 

So the reason I do this and have my page is basically back when I first had my bag at 20 I needed someone like myself to look up to. To learn from and to give me hope. To tell me that I was normal, that I wasn't an abomination and that I was not alone. Because being 20 and my body completely changing was heavy to process. I'm proud of who I am and where I am and without my bag I don't think I'd be as confident as I am now!


 We are SO glad Beck has allowed us to share her story. Please follow her and her journey via Instagram - @thebaglifeofbeck